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A smart cloud warehouse thanks to the unique "drag and drop" function.


Costs and logistic processes using artificial intelligence.


Increase in efficiency and profits thanks to innovative solutions
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Meet PINQUARK Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Pinquark AI

is an innovative and intelligent system for warehouse management (Warehouse management System, WMS) designed to control and coordinate all key warehouse processes and the automation of the most important activities. PINQUARK uses the artificial intelligence technology, which will help you improve the efficiency of work in the warehouse immediately upon the WMS launching. PINQUARK is available in a standard version or can be extended with additional solutions, such as technologically advanced sensors. Thanks to the use of innovative technologies operating in real time, the ongoing use of detailed data about warehouse processes and analyses’ results, you will be able to automate key operational processes in the company, significantly improve logistic activities in the warehouse or optimize the supply chain. As a result, you will increase the efficiency of your business and improve your profits. The PINQUARK system is intuitive and easy to use. It does not require many hours of training for your team or interrupting the continuity of warehouse operation. Responding to the needs of customers who value speed, maximum convenience, flexibility and cost optimization, PINQUARK is available in the subscription model. Thanks to this, you can quickly launch the WMS system in your warehouse and increase the effectiveness of actions taken - without unnecessary formalities, time-consuming implementations or extensive analyzes.


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Meet PINQUARK Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Create a Smart Cloud Warehouse

You will get access to PINQUARK immediately after purchasing a subscription. The system has been developed in response to the expectations of many industries. It supports the management of warehouses of various types, sizes and levels of complexity of logistic processes as well as work in the warehouse. The first step you need to take to launch the WMS is to map your warehouse. It is intuitive and simple - no external expert support is required. A dedicated module will allow you to create an unlimited number of locations and storage zones. Using one of the functionalities of the application - the so-called "drag and drop" one - you will be able to configure the WMS yourself, adjusting, among others its appearance or functionality to meet your expectations or company needs.


Activate the system in 5 minutes!
Design the customized warehouse
Model your warehouse and shape process
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Meet PINQUARK Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Optimize costs and logistic processes by using the artificial intelligence

The foundation of the PINQUARK system is the use of artificial intelligence algorithms for continuous monitoring of the warehouse status or processes taking place in the warehouse, including actions taken by employees in real time. Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence technology, our WMS collects and analyzes data, draws conclusions and supports the work of the warehouse by proposing the shortest paths to implement specific processes and the optimal use of warehouse and human resources. PINQUARK will help you significantly accelerate the performance of the most important logistic processes, reduce delays or the risk of errors made by employees. Thanks to the WMS system, you can increase the work efficiency in the warehouse by up to 25% and reduce the costs of running a business by up to 50%.


Make full use of your warehouse resources
Reduce costs by up to 50%
Record an increase in efficiency of up to 25%
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Meet PINQUARK Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Growth with scale of your size of company and pay as you go

As part of the monthly subscription model, you will get access to the WMS system and the free PINQUARK application. Thanks to that, you will be able to manage the warehouse operation from a laptop, tablet or phone in a simple and comfortable way. What's more, you will be able to replace the classic warehouse terminals with any mobile device with a camera and Internet access with the PINQUARK application installed. Thanks to this innovative solution, you do not have to invest additional funds in the purchase and maintenance of expensive, mobile warehouse terminals. Due to the fact that the PINQUARK system works in the cloud, it is constantly improved, developed and updated. The cloud allows not only for the flow of key data in real time and its use by authorized employees, but also significantly reduces the number of generated paper documents in favor of digital ones - which reduces costs, increases the efficiency of order handling processes and minimizes the risk of errors by employees.


Use the system in the subscription model - from $ 119 per user / month
Use the free mobile application
Move to the cloud - do not incur costs of purchasing and maintaining server infrastructure.

Discover the benefits of implementing the WMS system.

Create your warehouse

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PINQUARK changes together with your warehouse.

Thanks to the use of modern functionalities and PINQUARK modules, your warehouse will always be ready for changes. The implementation of an innovative WMS system is the beginning of a revolutionary process aimed at creating an effective and well-planned organization. Meet the key PINQUARK modules!
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Our API PINQUARKs interface

PINQUARK has a technologically advanced API module (Application Programming Interface), which is used to communicate with other systems available on the market.
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Thanks to the API module, the system enables the exchange of an unlimited amount of data, e.g. about goods, orders or customers, and allows for full integration of the WMS with external, popular systems available on the market, such as accounting or financial programs. The data is collected by the PINQUARK system immediately and automatically, without the need for additional actions by authorized users.
By using API capabilities, you will significantly accelerate and increase the efficiency of activities related to the handling of goods. Using the advanced capabilities of PINQUARK, you will be able to create dedicated information exchange processes, e.g. the system can automatically send data to an accounting office.
Thanks to the API module, you will be able to quickly and easily integrate PINQUARK with other programs - the process does not require the support of PINQUARK specialists. Among the key benefits that you will gain by implementing an API-based WMS system, there is:
access to an unlimited amount of warehouse data in real time,
immediate generation of warehouse data,
no need to implement new accounting or financial systems

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Your warehouse. Our passion.

The PINQUARK system has been developed by Meritus Systemy Informatyczne. The company operates in the dynamically developing IT industry. For over 30 years, innovative systems, programs and IT solutions for business have been the focal point of development and activities undertaken by the team of Meritus experts.

Every day we use

We invest in our team not only to bring our company to a higher and higher level, but also to set trends in the industry which we operate in. Our approach to innovation is of particular importance also in the context of collaboration with customers.
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How to draw your warehouse in few simple steps?

Pinquark WMS offers very simple way of drawing a warehouse due to build in Pinquark WMS map designer. It allows to set up all rack locations and parameters just on real dimension map. You can put all elements like walls, doors, racks, zones and many other elements from our drawing tool library.

WMS PINQUARK implementation in the main seat of the provider of transport and logistics services

Laude Smart Intermodal SA is a dynamically developing company offering transport and logistics services. Thanks to the implementation of the PINQUARK system the supplier has significantly shortened, among others, the implementation time of key logistics processes, reduced costs and completely eliminated printed documents at selected stages of the supply chain. The new WMS system has also led to the increase of the automation level in the modern Laude Logistics Center located in Poland.

Effective stocktaking in the warehouse

In the logistics industry, the principle of "time is money" applies. The more time warehouse workers have to spend at work to complete all the tasks entrusted to them, the higher the cost borne by the company. Therefore, effective warehouse management should assume the appropriate organization of the warehouse - both spatial and temporal. All warehouse processes should be carried out as quickly as possible and with a minimum amount of work. To achieve this, an appropriate WMS system that will help to optimize key activities taking place in the entire warehouse, should be chosen.


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