Why use UWB technology and sensors for smart warehouse optimization?

The modern warehouse industry is undergoing dynamic changes driven by technological advancements and innovations in artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT). In these dynamic times, to maintain competitiveness, warehouse companies must adopt new technologies that allow them to better adapt to changing market needs and effectively manage their resources. One of the key steps in this transformation is the utilization of advanced Ultra-Wideband (UWB) sensors.
UWB sensors are a technology that revolutionizes warehouse management approaches. Through their application, companies can achieve significant increases in productivity, efficiency, and precision in warehouse processes. The UWB sensor system, such as PINQUARK, is an excellent example of how modern solutions can transform the way we perceive and manage warehouse

A few words about the technology

The technology employed is the Time-of-Flight (ToF) measurement method, which involves precise measurement of the time between sending a signal and receiving a response. This allows for accurate estimation of distances and determination of the position of a warehouse operator with an accuracy of less than 10 centimeters. The system consists of three main components:

  • UWB Tags: small devices worn by warehouse operators or mounted on tracked objects. They emit radio signals at specific intervals and can transmit location details to the PINQUARK system.
  • UWB Anchors: stationary reference points placed within the warehouse. They record signals sent by UWB tags and provide them with a locational stamp. The data is then transmitted to the real-time location server.
  • Location Manager (RTLS Server): real-time software that calculates the positions of the tags. Signals collected by anchors are processed by the location manager, and the calculated locations are transmitted to the PINQUARK system.

Advantages of UWB Technology

Compared to traditional technologies like RFID, UWB sensors offer significant advantages in several aspects:

1. Precise localization:

UWB sensors enable accurate and rapid real-time object positioning with accuracy down to a few centimeters. This is crucial for effective resource management and optimizing movement within the warehouse.

2. High measurement accuracy:

By utilizing Time-of-Flight (ToF) methodology, UWB technology provides precise distance measurements, allowing for the creation of accurate heatmaps and analysis of employee and vehicle movement.

3. Intelligent data analysis:

The PINQUARK system employs UWB sensor data to generate digital spaghetti diagrams and heatmaps. This enables movement analysis, identification of high-activity areas, and optimization of warehouse processes.

4. Warehouse worker safety and efficiency:

In an era of safety challenges, UWB enhances operational efficiency while also contributing to worker safety.

By combining advanced UWB sensors with intelligent software, PINQUARK offers unique capabilities for warehouse optimization. UWB sensors from PINQUARK are the key to the future of efficient warehouse management, where precision, intelligence, and safety go hand in hand. Hence, embracing modern technologies and harnessing the potential of UWB sensors from PINQUARK is worthwhile, as it helps avoid queues, errors, and inefficiencies, and instead elevates the warehouse to new levels of efficiency and innovation.
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