PINQUARK changes together with your warehouse.

Thanks to the use of modern functionalities and PINQUARK modules, your warehouse will always be ready for changes. The implementation of an innovative WMS system is the beginning of a revolutionary process aimed at creating an effective and well-planned organization. Meet the key PINQUARK modules!
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This is another PINQUARK module, thanks to which you can increase the efficiency of warehouse operations. The system builds a list of goods’ files, which contain detailed information about all goods stored in the warehouse. Thanks to this, the goods can be located and released e.g. according to the expiry date, date of receipt or batch number. The system, supported by artificial intelligence, constantly monitors the flawlessness of the goods’ flow processes in the warehouse. Moreover, the user can define what information should be included in the file (e.g. serial numbers, expiry dates, weight, certificates).
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Warehouse maps

Warehouse maps is one of the key modules of PINQUARK. It is an integral part of effective warehouse management. Creating warehouse maps is intuitive and simple. The system allows you to configure an unlimited number of goods storage zones. Thanks to the map with a visual arrangement of racks, alleys or zones in the warehouse, authorized employees have constant access to current information about the warehouse. Maps allow, among others for real-time process monitoring, quick assessment of the stock according to various criteria or error-free location of goods. In addition, thanks to the use of technologically advanced sensors, the WMS can even more accurately track and show the locations of all employees or vehicles working in the warehouse.
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Receiving and completion of orders

The operation of PINQUARK is supported by artificial intelligence, which using AI algorithms, determines the shortest paths for the implementation of a given process and suggests the optimal use of warehouse capacity. Artificial intelligence of PINQUARK, from the moment the system is launched, increases the efficiency of goods’ handling. What's more, it learns based on new and collected information - it processes data concerning e.g. receipt of goods, orders or available employees as well as warehouse vehicles. Based on the information obtained, it constantly modifies the algorithms to increase the efficiency of the receipt and order picking paths.
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Application creator

The module has an innovative and intuitive "drag & drop" function. It makes it possible to freely modify the application for managing processes and resources in the warehouse in order to optimize them so that they are implemented in the shortest possible time and with the minimum number of necessary steps. The application can be configured by the user at any time. Everyone can adjust, among others its appearance or functionality to suit their needs, without the support of experts - it is easy to use and offers many possibilities. The application can be installed on any Android or iOS mobile devices that support a web browser.


of warehouse

You can already plan the most important warehouse processes by rationally managing warehouse management
Future planing...
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A revolutionary module for perfect navigation in the warehouse!
We are introducing the revolutionary Pinquark Navigator module to the world of warehouses, which enables employee navigation in the warehouse through the terminal in real time.
Our module has a number of benefits:

  • Optimization of warehouse processes:
  • Thanks to intelligent navigation, we shorten the time of task completion, eliminating unnecessary delays.

  • Security thanks to UWB and AI sensor:
  • Thanks to the use of advanced UWB sensors and artificial intelligence, our module avoids collisions and prevents potential accidents in the warehouse. This is an innovative approach to occupational safety that raises standards in the industry

  • Online maps for perfect navigation:
  • Using the online warehouse map, Pinquark Navigator enables perfect navigation of employees and processes.

  • Easier onboarding for new employees:
  • Thanks to the intuitive interface and precise navigation, new team members will quickly find themselves in the right place, minimize errors and quickly become productive team members.
Warehouse maps
Receiving and completion of orders
Application creator
Future planning
Pinquark Navigator



Key benefits of implementing the WMS for various industries
detection of customer behavior patterns and ongoing optimization of warehouse processes
obtaining information about what goods and when customers buy the most
Greater efficiency of warehouse processes
higher warehouse throughput
error-free location of the goods in the warehouse
decrease in the number of mistakes during order picking
synchronization of inventory in a number of cooperating systems,
automatic generation of bills of lading
automatic courier booking
access to information on stock levels in real time
possibility to estimate lead time
minimizing the risk of being out of stock
integration of different storage models
integration of the system with customer platforms - e-commerce, ERP, CRM, etc. - that generate or manage orders
providing customers with security and full process transparency
greater efficiency of the warehouse and entire supply chain operation
reduction of the risk of errors
accurate estimation of lead time
immediate response to changes and new customer needs
ensuring an individual approach to handling orders from different customers
selection of processes and operations according to specific customer requirements
simplification of settlement operations for all customers
optimization of invoice generating and sending processes
limiting the amount of accumulated stocks of products there are no buyers for at a given time
smoother flow of goods
obtaining information about which products are usually bought together - placing these goods as close as possible to each other
developing the most effective flow of goods within a given warehouse space
flexible building of a warehouse structure
manually or automatically assigning warehousemen to perform tasks
monitoring the current workload of warehouse employees
minimizing the scope of changes necessary to implement the system
quick and simple adaptation of the system to changing needs
reduction of costs related to introducing changes, optimization of their adaptation time and reliability of change implementation
precisely matching the solution to the organizational needs of a company
profiling customers and preparing a personalized product offer for them
immediate response to changes and new customer needs
increase in the company's efficiency and competitive advantage
optimal use of warehouse space - horizontally and vertically (high-bay warehouses)
realtime data and transaction processing
access to inventory information in real time
higher level of customer service
minimization of risk of mistakes
automatic generation of bills of lading
automatic courier booking
accurate estimating of the lead time
optimizing the timeliness of order fulfillment
reduction of costs related to storage, transport and customer service
Pinquark WMS system allows you to react quickly to changes
ensuring the safety of goods and warehouse employees
scheduling production in enterprises, calendar management which allows for planning tasks

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