WMS 4.0 - greater efficiency, greater profit

More and more distribution companies, e-commerce companies and 3PL logistics operators use modern technologies in their daily work in line with the concept of Industry 4.0. What is driving the development of the fourth industrial revolution in the field of logistics? First of all, the fact that the implementation of innovations related to it can help to achieve significant improvements in work efficiency and reduce costs. PINQUARK experts believe that the implementation of modern WMS systems in warehouses is a key success factor. Today, the use of modern technologies in the area of logistics is more important than ever.
We are living in the era of the fourth industrial revolution - we are observing the rapid development of new technologies, such as: artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT - Internet of Things or Intelligence of Things) or solutions based on cloud computing. They provide the logistics industry with a previously unknown opportunity to increase efficiency, streamline the supply chain and reduce costs. However, in order for companies to become Industry 4.0 enterprises, they must trust the new technology and use it effectively in their organizations.

The choice matters

The most important step to increase the efficiency and reduce costs of your warehouse processes is to choose the right WMS, which will enable a holistic approach to controlling the entire logistics process and its organization. Such a solution is the PINQUARK system, which uses artificial intelligence algorithms and the cloud computing technology. The system allows for the continuity of all logistic activities, while achieving quickly measurable business goals. The WMS enables the automation of key processes that consume the most of staffs’ working time, cause the most problems and contribute to errors. Thanks to the support of the artificial intelligence of PINQUARK, companies can achieve the highest standard of order processing, gain end-customer satisfaction and reduce the costs of their business.

Intelligent WMS

Using all the possibilities of a modern WMS system allows for the implementation of a number of improvements. What exemplary benefits can result from the implementation of WMS PINQUARK in a warehouse?
  • optimal use of warehouse space - thanks to the support of artificial intelligence algorithms that create the most effective models related to the placement of goods in the warehouse;
  • full control over the stored goods - thanks to the possibility of accurate product batch tracking and full automation of the goods identification process;
  • constant access to online information about inventory levels - thanks to access to data that is saved and updated on an ongoing basis;
  • effective management of warehouse employees' work - thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms, the system monitors work efficiency, which allows to optimize its division, taking into account the availability of staff;
  • solution of the so-called Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) problem - thanks to the support of artificial intelligence algorithms that determine the most optimal order picking routes;
  • error-free order picking - thanks to the use of mobile terminals, barcodes and functions that among others suggest where the goods are located and check the correctness of orders;
  • faster induction of new employees - thanks to the use of the WMS, new employees do not have to "learn" the warehouse, the system has full control over the goods and provides warehouse workers with information where the goods needed to complete orders are located;
  • improvement of inventory - thanks to the ordering of goods in the warehouse, access to precise information about the locations of individual products, as well as the use of terminals and barcodes;
  • efficient and detailed reporting - thanks to the possibility of configuring individual analytical dashboards;
  • company support in other areas of the company's activity - thanks to the cooperation of PINQUARK with ERP systems.

Savings in practice

A leading distributor of school and office supplies in Poland wanted to optimize logistics and IT solutions in the warehouse. The company decided to implement a new WMS system. After analyzing the offers of nine suppliers, the company decided to implement the PINQUARK software. The selected system stood out from the competition due to the use of, among others, artificial intelligence algorithms and cloud computing. Moreover, unlike other systems, PINQUARK does not require investments in an advanced IT infrastructure and allows for full integration with the company's warehouse automation and ERP systems. The new WMS system has accelerated the order fulfillment time by 20% and made it possible to shorten the length of their picking paths by 25%. Thanks to the optimization of efficiency, despite the increase in the number of orders, the company does not have to hire new employees, which directly translates into lower costs of the business.

Innovative technologies, such WMS systems using artificial intelligence and solutions based on cloud computing, give a company operating in the field of logistics an unattainable so far opportunity to increase the efficiency of warehouse operations, optimize the supply chain, reduce costs and build a strong competitive advantage. To meet the needs of their customers, PINQUARK experts have developed a WMS system that supports them in their daily work and helps them face new challenges.
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