Robotic Automation in Warehouses

The digital revolution is accelerating. According to the data presented in the Deloitte report "Automation with intelligence. Pursuing organization-wide reimagination" , as many as 73% of companies in the world started introducing intelligent automation in 2020 - in 2019 this result was at the level of 58%. Deloitte experts estimate that the market of automated technologies will grow at a rate of 40.6% annually and by 2027 it will probably reach a value of $ 25.66 billion.
More and more large companies as well as small businesses decide to implement innovative technologies and robotization of processes. The last year has shown that basing the work of warehouses and logistics centers on modern solutions, such as intelligent WMS systems, may not only significantly increase the efficiency of the entire supply chain, improve processes and contribute to a significant reduction of costs, but also may be the only way to achieve the competitive advantage.
We are pleased that companies around the world are increasingly implementing modern technologies and reaping the benefits of intelligent automation. The Deloitte report shows that as many as 88% of respondents implementing automation in their companies modify the current processes in order to maximize the use of the potential resulting from the implementation of innovations. Our clients undoubtedly belong to this group. They are aware of the scale of benefits that they can derive from automating their warehouses by implementing the intelligent WMS PINQUARK system and know that it can contribute to the achievement of ambitious goals that they set for their organizations - such as significant cost reduction and increased efficiency
said Mateusz Kalinowski, CEO of AiTech and CEO of Meritus Systemy Informatyczne

Smart Warehouse Management System

Although the number of respondents who implement automation in their companies on a large scale has tripled since 2018, there are still many barriers to the technological development of enterprises. Among them there arelack of readiness of companies in the IT area, high implementation costs of innovative solutions and long implementation time of new technologies.
We are aware that many entrepreneurs want to start a digital transformation in their warehouses, but often automation is a challenge for them that requires a lot of money, creating new IT facilities and a lot of time. One of the overarching goals that accompanied us during the introduction of the WMS PINQUARK system to the market was to help companies overcome these obstacles. Our system can be activated in 5 minutes, it is available with attractive financing and does not require extensive IT infrastructure
adds Mateusz Kalinowski, CEO of AiTech and CEO of Meritus Systemy Informatyczne
The WMS PINQUARK system is an intelligent solution that is designed to support people in the performance of their daily duties, to constantly increase the efficiency of work in warehouses and to optimize a huge number of processes that differ depending on the industry and the specificity of a given warehouse. Responding to the needs of customers, for whom speed of operation and optimization of expenses in the IT area are most important, PINQUARK is available for sale in a subscription model at a competitive price - customers receive access to the system immediately after purchasing a subscription. The system is intuitive and easy to use. It does not require many hours of team training or the support of highly qualified IT specialists. The user can independently start the WMS and create a map of the warehouse. Its great advantages are also flexibility and scalability - thanks to the "drag & drop" function, it can be configured to suit the needs of the company or the user and expanded by adding an unlimited number of locations and storage zones. What is crucial, the implementation time for additional elements is as short as possible. The system does not require large financial outlays for new IT tools - WMS PINQUARK allows you to manage the warehouse operation from a laptop, tablet or even a phone. On the other hand, expensive warehouse terminals can be replaced with mobile devices with cameras, Internet access and the PINQUARK application installed.
WMS PINQUARK, which is based on artificial intelligence and the cloud, can help you take full advantage of the potential of warehouse automation. The system is constantly learning and can process huge amounts of data. PINQUARK constantly analyzes the collected information, draws conclusions and creates artificial intelligence algorithms, which helps to increase the efficiency of all processes taking place in the warehouse and improve people's work on an ongoing basis. Thanks to the extensive modules and excellent cloud infrastructure, WMS PINQUARK can help to ensure a continuous increase in the efficiency of logistics processes in both large companies and small businesses.
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