PINQUARK - WMS for small businesses

PINQUARK is an innovative WMS system enabling the most effective implementation of key warehouse processes related to the turnover of goods. The program uses artificial intelligence algorithms and is based on the cloud. It helps the company to optimize the efficiency of actions taken, gives full control over all processes taking place in the warehouse and allows to eliminate errors made by employees. It is a fully mobile system available in a subscription model that meets the needs of small businesses.
The WMS PINQUARK system offers intuitive and easy-to-use functions that support the daily work of the warehouse. It supervises the receipt of goods and their proper storage. Thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms, it controls the processes related to the placement of goods in the warehouse according to specific criteria and the picking of orders as well as their issuance and shipment - it analyzes the data generated during the work of warehouse workers on an ongoing basis and optimizes the paths of order picking. It enables the preparation of reports and warehouse documentation as well as efficient, electronic flow of the most important data with integrated ERP systems. It works with label printers and warehouse terminals, which can be replaced with mobile devices with cameras, Internet access and the PINQUARK application installed.

Placing goods and order picking - how does the system support these processes?

WMS PINQUARK allows you to perform these processes using warehouse terminals or mobile devices with the PINQUARK application installed on them. The devices are connected to the WMS system, thanks to which authorized persons have ongoing control over the actions taken in the warehouse, up-to-date information on the stock level or the location of specific goods. In their daily work, warehouse workers use electronic documents and carry out activities that are developed by artificial intelligence algorithms - this innovative technology is designed to maximize the effectiveness of actions taken by employees. The processes related to the placement of goods and order picking involve the need to scan barcodes using terminals or mobile devices.

The entire warehouse in one place

The PINQUARK system allows you to create a precise, graphic map of the warehouse. Creating a map is simple and intuitive and does not require the support of IT experts. The software allows you to configure an unlimited number of goods storage zones. PINQARK allows you to create different warehouse maps for many locations and take into account various features, such as: the warehouse area, rack height, number of storage zones, alleys or levels. The system can be easily adapted to the changing needs of the company.

Small, efficient company

Thanks to the use of warehouse terminals or mobile devices with the PINQUARK application and access to graphic maps of warehouses, employees know the exact location of the goods in the warehouse, have constant access to the necessary documents, and make much fewer errors, which translates into a smaller number of complaints and returns. The use of the WMS system in the daily operation of the warehouse also translates into an increase in employee satisfaction - the goods are stored in a systematic and orderly manner, and its completion is supported by technology. This significantly increases the quality of work and the ease of performing daily tasks.

WMS in the cloud

It is worth emphasizing that the WMS system is based on the cloud, therefore companies do not have to allocate additional funds for the purchase of technologically advanced IT equipment, and the system itself is constantly updated. The PINQUARK application is intuitive and has an easy-to-use interface. It has been developed in PWA (Progressive Web App) technology, so it can be launched instantly, without having to download the application and install it on mobile devices.

Key benefits of PINQUARK appreciated by small companies

  • no need to invest in additional IT infrastructure
  • simple and intuitive system operation
  • no need to conduct special employee training
  • efficient implementation of new employees and seasonal employees in the system operation
  • orderly organization of the warehouse
  • optimal use of warehouse space and infrastructure
  • full control over warehouse operation 24 / 7
  • increasing the efficiency of key warehouse processes
  • shortening the time of the annual inventory
  • the ability to conduct an effective ongoing inventory
  • electronic flow of key documents in the company
  • the ability to integrate the system with external programs
  • significant reduction in the number of errors
  • increasing work efficiency
  • the ability to take quick actions and prioritize them
  • relatively low monthly costs and convenient financing - subscription model

If you want to get more information about the benefits of implementing WMS PINQU ARK in a small business, contact our experts today.
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