Why should micro, small and medium enterprises invest in automation?

More and more entrepreneurs are investing in automation. Thanks to the use of new technologies, companies are able not only to quickly respond to changes and market needs as well as overcome obstacles, but also to optimize supply chains and operational efficiency, reduce costs and increase their competitive advantage. According to a study conducted by McKinsey & Company in 2020, as many as two out of three companies decided to accelerate the automation processes and increase the scale of the use of artificial intelligence. In the United States, 83% of organizations took such action.

PINQUARK - a small step, a big change

The PINQARK system is available for sale in the subscription model. Companies receive access to it immediately after purchasing a subscription. The choice of such a solution is justified not only by the relatively low monthly costs, but also by the convenience and easy availability. The solution is intuitive and easy to use. It does not require many hours of team training or the support of highly qualified IT specialists. The PINQARK system does not require large financial expenses for new IT tools - it allows you to manage the warehouse operation from a laptop, tablet or even a phone. On the other hand, portable warehouse terminals can be replaced with mobile devices with cameras, Internet access and the PINQUARK application installed.

Innovative technologies created with the warehouse and logistics industry in mind give micro, small and medium-sized companies a hitherto unattainable flexibility in adapting to changes taking place on the market. Modern WMS systems based on artificial intelligence and cloud can help companies build a strong advantage over the competition by increasing the efficiency of processes taking place in warehouses, minimizing errors and reducing costs. The key to success is to use the opportunities offered by new system solutions.

Maximum control and efficiency

Companies using the WMS PINQUARK system have access to current information on all key processes taking place in their warehouses. Authorized persons can use legible maps of warehouses, quickly and easily generate detailed reports, have full control over stock levels or identify the locations of specific products in an express and error-free manner. All this contributes to a significant increase in the efficiency of key processes taking place in the warehouse. PINQUARK uses the latest IT solutions and is based on the cloud, thanks to which it collects and analyzes huge amounts of data and allows to identify areas that require optimization. Importantly, the system can work with external applications to support business partners and carriers or ERP systems.

Minimizing errors in the warehouse

Each of us has made a mistake - after all, wandering is human. However, mistakes made by employees, e.g. when completing orders, can be very costly. And it's not just a waste of time and money, but also negative opinions about the company. Innovative WMS systems can easily prevent such situations. WMS PINQUARK operates on the basis of artificial intelligence algorithms, the task of which is, among others minimizing various types of errors made by employees while performing daily, routine tasks.

Cost reduction and better quality of work

Among the quickly measurable benefits of warehouse automation is greater financial efficiency. According to the data presented by LogisticsIQ , the reduction of operating costs resulting from the reduced demand for manual labor can be as high as 65%. Thanks to the implementation of the WMS system, and thus the simplification of key processes in the warehouse, companies can not only record significant savings resulting from employing a smaller number of employees. By supporting their employees in carrying out their daily duties, they can also gain their satisfaction.
The idea of automation is based on replacing or supporting human work by a program or machine. It aims to significantly increase the efficiency of the organization, including process optimization, reduction of the risk of making mistakes or minimizing the costs incurred. Thanks to the rapid development of innovative technologies - such as WMS systems based on artificial intelligence and the cloud - modern solutions are no longer reserved only for large companies with millions of turnover. Many innovative technologies are within the reach of small and medium-sized enterprises and even micro-businesses. We will present the key reasons why companies should invest in warehouse automation and consider implementing the WMS PINQUARK system.
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