Trends driving the development of WMS systems

WMS systems are constantly developed. Progress in this area is driven primarily by the growing customer requirements, the dynamic development of the e-commerce industry, the need to cut costs and increase efficiency, as well as the need to provide faster and safer deliveries. PINQUARK experts who have experience in designing and building advanced IT solutions for the logistics industry, present the key trends driving the development of WMS systems.

Cloud computing

For several years we have been observing the development of the trend related to the transfer of business IT programs to the cloud. Also, more and more WMS systems are offered in the SaaS (Software as a Service) model, which allows companies to transfer server maintenance processes outside the organization. PINQUARK is a solution that can be made available to customers as part of a public or private cloud - depending on their needs. Thanks to the use of the latest cloud technologies, the WMS system can be implemented in the warehouse even within a few hours and users get access to it immediately after purchasing a subscription - in the case of standard operation, the implementation of the system may take up to several months. PINQUARK prevents the occurrence of even a few-second delays in the operation of the system, which has a direct impact on the efficiency of the company's operation. What's more, PINQUARK is constantly updated in line with market trends and users' expectations.

WMS on subscription

A growing group of IT system suppliers for the warehouse industry offers the possibility of purchasing a WMS system in the subscription model. PINQUARK customers appreciate this solution primarily for the fact that they receive access to the top-class WMS system without the need to have their own IT resources or incur additional costs related to e.g. the necessity to purchase a license, operating systems and using the support of IT experts. Subscription also allows you to spread costs over time - the first savings generated thanks to the support of the system can cover its monthly cost.

Artificial intelligence

More and more companies whose operation is based on running a warehouse cannot imagine effective work without the support of an intelligent WMS system. Artificial intelligence algorithms offer a number of benefits, such as: relieving employees by automating time-consuming and repetitive activities, significantly shortening the length of picking paths and order fulfillment time, minimizing the costs of handling goods or increasing the efficiency of the entire supply chain. The artificial intelligence that PINQUARK uses has the ability to improve itself on the basis of collected data and acquire new knowledge - the longer it functions in a given warehouse, the more perfect it is. It helps to increase the efficiency of even the most complex processes, reduce the number of errors made to zero, and also indicates which areas in the company require improvement and have the potential for optimization. Importantly, it takes into account more factors and variables than humans can.

Customized interface

Working in the warehouse requires optimization of activities in all areas - from goods receipt through order picking and dispatch, to progress reporting. Therefore, developers of new IT systems for warehouses focus largely on the advantages of UX (user experience) - the use of WMSs must be as logical, friendly and intuitive as possible. PINQUARK allows users to create their individual interfaces, including adapting the appearance of individual system modules to their specific needs. An example of personalization is, for example, the ability to configure your own analytical dashboards, which should contain only those reports, analysis results and performance indicators that are required to work in a given position - which makes it much easier to monitor the progress of work in the warehouse and make business decisions, as well as avoid information chaos.

Modules increasing work efficiency

Planning of warehouse processes in a WMS system is often one of the most difficult and costly stages of its implementation. Therefore, one of the trends in the development of warehouse management systems is to offer solutions that increase the efficiency of this process. PINQUARK is equipped not only with a tool that allows you to easily configure user interfaces, but also extensive, easy-to-use modules that allow you to quickly implement the system in the company - without the support of IT experts.

Devices working with the WMS system

The work of modern WMS solutions is related to devices thanks to which warehouse employees communicate with the system. One of the significant trends in the development of warehouse systems is the improvement of mobile terminals. PINQUARK sets the direction of development in this area - it allows you to replace expensive warehouse terminals with any devices with Internet access and the PINQUARK application installed.

The development of new technologies for the warehouse industry has never been so dynamic. More and more companies want to invest in innovative WMS systems that will help them increase operational efficiency and reduce costs. When choosing the perfect warehouse system, it is worth choosing a solution that responds to the market challenges and is in line with the latest industry trends. If you are considering implementing the PINQUARK system in your warehouse, contact us – our experts will answer all your questions and help you choose the optimal offer!
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