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PINQUARK is an innovative WMS system that uses artificial intelligence algorithms and cloud computing technology. The solution integrates, manages and monitors the course of a number of key warehouse processes. Thanks to extensive modules, it allows you to increase efficiency in such areas as: goods receipt, inventory control, product location management, rotation of goods in the warehouse as well as order picking.

Comprehensive warehouse management

WMS PINQUARK is a system that is ideal for companies with small warehouses as well as extensive high storage facilities with separate sorting facilities, receipt and release zones, quality control zones as well as cross-docking zones. The system gives authorized employees access to up-to-date information on all key activities taking place in the warehouse and facilitates the management of logistics processes. The innovative modules and functionalities which PINQUARK is equipped in meet the specific expectations of various companies. Thanks to flexibility and scalability, customers can develop and adapt them to their specific needs. Below we present the key modules of the PINQUARK system.

Warehouse maps

Creating a warehouse map, i.e. a graphic representation of an object in the system, is the first stage of the WMS PINQUARK implementation in the company. Creating and expanding warehouse maps in the application is simple and intuitive, does not require any additional support from IT experts. The maps show the exact locations of e.g. all aisles, racks, shelves and levels of their usage, areas for storing, receiving, loading and unloading goods as well as areas for shipment and order picking. Warehouse maps give authorized employees the possibility of, among others, quick assessment of the inventory according to various criteria, ongoing control of the condition of goods and their location as well as monitoring the progress of warehouse staffs’ work. PINQUARK also enables a virtual division of the warehouse into many logically organized areas (logical warehouses).


It is a module that allows you to track the movement of stored goods, which are described with the use of specific data, such as the date of receipt, production batch number, serial number, weight, certificates, approvals or the expiry date. The PINQUARK system constantly builds and updates lists of goods files, which constitute a database of information about stored goods. Thanks to this modu-le, WMS enables precise tracking of product batches and gives full control over the stored goods, including external releases. In addition, the PINQUARK artificial intelligence algorithms suggest which goods should be released first, which is particularly important in the case of companies storing, for example, food or pharmaceutical products.

Receipt and order picking

This module is directly related to such warehouse processes as: planning optimal paths for order picking, receiving goods and placing them in the warehouse. WMS PINQUARK uses artificial intelli-gence technology in all these areas. Artificial intelligence algorithms, based on constantly collected and updated data, calculate and propose optimal order picking routes. They can be determined according to various criteria, e.g. the shortest picking route, the shortest picking time or the optimal distribution of goods on the pallet (e.g. heavier products at the bottom, lighter and more delicate at the top). The system minimizes the number of empty runs of warehouse workers and forklift operators. Artificial intelligence algorithms also create the most effective models related to the receipt and placement of goods in the warehouse so as to maximize the efficiency of processes related to order picking, in accordance with the adopted picking strategy. When creating these models, the system takes into account many complex factors, including the most common patterns of customer purchasing behavior, frequency of deliveries, seasonality or expiry dates of products. PINQUARK is a solution which, thanks to the use of neural networks, has exceptionally high adaptation possibilities. The longer the artificial intelligence algorithms are in the warehouse, the more perfect the processes they allow to work out. They are able to handle increasingly complex processes and scenarios - they take into account more variables than a human can. Contrary to the classic methods of determining warehouse locations - e.g. ABC analysis, XYZ method, EIQ (Entry-Item-Quantity) method or ABC-FC (Fuzzy Classification) method - the WMS system can quickly and easily adapt proces-ses to a rapidly changing situation in the warehouse.

Application wizard

The module is equipped with the "drag and drop" function, which allows for full modification of the system user interfaces. Everyone can adapt to their own needs, among others, the appearance of individual application screens, their layout and the content of dashboards or program functionalities. The PINQUARK system is operated by an application developed in the PWA (Progressive Web App) standard. It is a new generation application that is characterized by a short loading time of individual pages and enables an extremely fast service. It is launched in the same way as traditional websites in a web browser - without the need to download the software and install it on mobile devices. PINQUARK modules have been developed by a team of experts with experience in designing and building innovative IT systems for the logistics industry. WMS PINQUARK functionalities help to increase the efficiency of warehouse processes and make management of the company as easy as possible. Contact a PINQUARK representative today and find out how you can improve the work in your organization.
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