PINQUARK - WMS responding to the needs of the 3PL industry

The highest quality of service for business partners, effective management of all logistics activities, full control over stock levels and processes related to servicing individual customers are the key factors influencing the success of companies operating in the 3PL (Third Party Logistics) business. The constantly growing expectations of companies using the services of external logistics providers means that 3PL companies must implement innovative system solutions that will provide their customers with services at the highest level, as well as increase the efficiency of warehouse processes and allow them to maintain optimal margins.
An example of a WMS system that responds to the needs of the 3PL industry is PINQUARK. The main factors that speak for choosing this solution are, among others:

  • full flexibility in the configuration of the WMS system in terms of specific customer requirements;
  • express system implementation time;
  • the ability to service small, medium and large companies as well as representatives of various industries;
  • managing multiple clients from one application;
  • use of artificial intelligence algorithms;
  • basing the system on the cloud;
  • ongoing system update without the need to use direct support from IT experts;
  • no need to invest in advanced IT equipment and expensive mobile terminals;
  • ability to quickly respond to customer needs - quick integration of new activities with existing processes.

Operational excellence

WMS PINQUARK can cooperate with ERP programs of clients, thanks to which they can have continuous access to all information concerning their businesses. Thanks to the possibility of WMS integrity with ERP systems, logistics operators can optimize processes related to the management of supply chains, accounting, customer service and human resources. PINQUARK can also be integrated with the systems of carriers or courier companies, which translates into significantly faster preparation and shipment of orders. The solution is equipped with a number of additional modules (e.g. warehouse maps, application wizard, goods), which significantly improve the work of warehouses and effective resource management.

The PINQUARK system is operated by an application developed in the PWA (Progressive Web App) standard. It is a new generation application that allows you to use the full capabilities of web browsers - from optimizing the loading times of individual pages, through the overall speed of service, to the ability to access information generated by devices supporting the work of the warehouse, e.g. sensors, cameras, etc. The application is intuitive and simple to operate. It is launched in the same way as traditional websites in a web browser - without the need to download the software and install it on mobile devices.

Optimization of warehouse logistics

PINQUARK helps to optimize complex processes related to the control of internal logistics by simplifying and increasing the efficiency of actions taken in three areas - receipt of deliveries, location of goods in the warehouse and order picking. The individual processes are supported by artificial intelligence algorithms that create optimal patterns of action.

Receipt of deliveries

Effective handling of deliveries and the functioning of the entire warehouse is based on the automatic identification technology and the use of two-dimensional codes (e.g. QR codes) and one-dimensional codes (barcodes on products) or RFID solutions (depending on the devices used in the warehouse). All goods that are received into the warehouse get an identification number, which is the source of the most important information about a given product (customer, expiry date, production date, batch number, etc.). Codes are also used to mark warehouse zones.

Location of goods in the warehouse

The intelligent system takes into account many complex factors when creating models for the optimal storage of goods in the warehouse. These are, among others the most common purchasing patterns, seasonality, expiry dates of products or optimization of the warehouse space. PINQUARK allows for a virtual division of the warehouse into many logically organized zones. Thanks to the real-time control of the condition of goods and their location, it is possible to effectively use the warehouse space. The system enables, for example, the joint storage of identical or similar goods belonging to different customers or the division of the warehouse into zones assigned to different business partners - it depends on the preferences of a given company. The system also allows for the implementation of both storage models in one warehouse.

Order picking

Artificial intelligence algorithms also help to optimize the length of time and paths of order picking and solve the so-called Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP). The artificial intelligence of PINQUARK analyzes the order data on an ongoing basis, and then calculates and proposes the shortest picking routes. The system takes into account both the current location of the picker and the place of completion, as well as all locations where the goods are stored. The algorithm for determining the optimal picking path works in real time, and thus frees you from the need to determine the route in advance. The processes of completing the order involve not only the physical collection of specific products, but also the preparation of the shipment according to the requirements of a specific customer. The system can record the course of all processes and the time of their execution. These are helpful data that can be used when making decisions about staff changes.

Creation of analytical reports

An important functionality of the WMS is also the reporting module. PINQUARK users can configure their own analytical dashboards - their content and appearance can be tailored to the individual preferences of customers. The dashboard, i.e. an easy-to-read interface, consisting of a graphical presentation of current and historical data on warehouse operation, greatly facilitates making business decisions and allows you to quickly respond to emerging challenges.

WMS system designed for 3PL customers

The PINQUARK system is able to meet the specific needs and requirements of various 3PL operators, as well as their customers. It not only allows you to increase the efficiency of warehouse processes and reduce costs but it also gives 3PL customers full control of their merchandise and access to key information they need to make decisions about their businesses. Thanks to the use of the WMS PINQARK system, all customers of logistics operators can have access to, among others, up-to-date information on the status of individual orders, data on actual stock levels, waybills or historical data as well as detailed reports received automatically (or upon request). On the other hand, the final recipients of orders may receive notifications about the status of their orders. PINQUARK also provides the possibility of direct integration with customers' e-commerce platforms.

WMS PINQUARK was created with the idea that each client has different needs and they should always be approached individually. When creating modules for warehouse management and system functionalities, specialists took into account not only the typical problems and expectations of 3PL companies, but also the unique needs of various logistics operators and their business partners. The overriding goal of the WMS system is to ensure the optimal use of the potential for the development of companies operating in the 3PL sector and their clients.
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