WMS PINQUARK - integration with systems

Intelligent WMS PINQUARK can be integrated with many ERP (Entreprise Resource Planning) systems, platforms of courier companies or the most popular e-commerce ones. Thanks to the use of the latest technologies, the integration of WMS PINQUARK with other cooperating systems is smooth, fast and trouble-free at the technical level.

Integration of WMS PINQUARK with ERP systems

The integration of WMS and ERP systems is necessary for the effective operation of the warehouse and management of the entire enterprise. The WMS PINQUARK system can be integrated with the most popular ERP systems, including WF Mag, Optima, Subiekt, Ennova and many others. Integration enables the correct transfer of data, which is based on unified standards for the transmission of information. Data exchange between the WMS system and the ERP system can take place, among others, by file uploads, web service, data bus, intermediate tables, API or access to procedures.

In warehouse logistics, ERP systems are used primarily to store basic data about the company, i.e. inventory and commercial levels (including prices, VAT rates). Detailed information on the stored goods and their specification (including expiry dates, use-by dates, goods batches, features, segregation parameters, statuses or warehouse locations) can be found in the WMS system. The integration of systems is therefore primarily based on the exchange of information on:

  • goods (including the description, category, price, VAT rate, EAN code, name);
  • stock levels (e.g. availability, reservations, returns, stock levels);
  • orders (including contractors, shipping addresses, warehouse transfers, status changes);
  • deliveries;
  • commercial documents (the possibility of auto execution of orders based on the change of status in the PINQUARK system, MM creation).
The WMS PINQUARK system and the ERP cooperating with it constantly exchange data, and depending on the type of this information and warehouse processes, their roles change. The flow of information about the warehouse is created in two directions:

  • from the ERP system to the WMS - the main database is created and constantly updated in the ERP system. New items and suppliers are registered in it, it sends orders to the warehouse and creates invoices;
  • from the WMS system to the ERP system - data is transferred e.g. in the process of delivering new goods to the warehouse. The WMS system notifies the ERP system about it and updates the data on the warehouse status.
Warehouse operations (including goods receipt, order picking and release) are created by artificial intelligence algorithms in the WMS PINQUARK system based on order documents from the ERP system. Warehouse processes that involve a change in stock levels (e.g. deliveries, transfers, releases, returns, inventory) are automatically captured by the intelligent WMS PINQUARK system and then transferred to the ERP system. Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence algorithms, WMS PINQUARK constantly controls the flow of information, thanks to which the risk of error or the appearance of duplicated information is practically impossible.

Integration of WMS PINQUARK with e-commerce platforms

The WMS system can also be integrated with the most popular e-commerce platforms, including Allegro, Magento, Prestoshop or WooComerce. The cooperation of the systems is two-way - it allows you to download orders from the marketplace to the WMS PINQUARK and to issue and synchronize offers. Thanks to the integration of the WMS PINQUARK system with e-commerce platforms, the company is able to:
  • prepare thousands of offers with a few clicks;
  • synchronize stocks and prices on platforms in accordance with stock data;
  • retrieve orders and handle them in the WMS system;
  • transfer orders to the warehouse or ERP;
  • transfer tracking numbers to purchasing platforms;
  • process orders fast and without errors;
  • use automatic actions that replace employees during order processing;
  • issue invoices and receipts for orders;
  • automatically send parcels to selected carriers;
  • easily handle Allegro Smart.


The PINQUARK WMS system is equipped with its own API module, which can be used for integration with other systems available on the market, such as accounting or financial programs. Importantly, the integration process is simple and extremely fast. it also does not require the support of PINQUARK specialists. Using the advanced functionalities of the WMS PINQUARK system, companies can create dedicated information exchange processes themselves, e.g. the system can automatically send data to an accounting office.

An important feature that distinguishes a very good WMS system from other solutions available on the market is its scalability, i.e. the ability to adjust functionality to the specific needs of a given company and flexibility, understood as the possibility of integration with external programs. The WMS PINQUARK system can cooperate not only with the most popular ERP systems, courier programs, e-commerce platforms or accounting programs, but also with products for ultra-wideband transmission, ie UWB (Ultra Wideband) sensors. Thanks to the use of innovative functionalities and artificial intelligence technologies, PINQUARK maximizes the efficiency of key warehouse processes, greatly facilitates the control and coordination of activities undertaken by employees and allows you to automate time-consuming tasks.
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