Automated Logistics Systems - new technology trends and most effective solutions in times of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to the emergence of economic crises around the world. It has affected both large companies and small businesses - the future of many companies has never been so unpredictable and volatile. Actions taken by entrepreneurs often have an impact on how and whether their companies survive the pandemic crisis. The uncertainty related to the development of the epidemic situation makes more and more companies decide to digitally transform themselves by increasing the level of automation - 71% of leaders of IT departments in the world plan to take such actions.

The pandemic drives digitization

According to the data presented in the KPMG International and Harvey Nash Report “CIO Survey 2020: Everything changed. Or did it? " ,, as many as 47% of IT leaders in companies believe that the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digital transformation and the implementation of new technologies. The key technological areas in which companies all over the world investare among others infrastructure and cloud solutions (35%), intelligent automation (30%) as well as artificial intelligence and machine learning (29%). The Report states that 51% of enterprises have implemented cloud solutions, 21% are actively considering the use of modern solutions, and 13% conduct pilot programs. The strategic role of digitization is also evidenced by the fact that more than seven in ten IT leaders (71%) plan to increase the use of automation.

Automated Logistics System - most effective solution and trends

The coronavirus pandemic resulted in 2020 in a significant increase of demand for warehouse automation. The dynamic changes taking place on the global and local markets, the obligation to adapt to new rules, as well as the need to maintain business continuity, optimize processes or minimize costs have forced many companies to change their digital transformation strategy - the implementation of innovative technologies has become a priority for them. This hasbeen confirmed by the results of many studies and analyzes conducted by global market experts. According to estimates by . s , the warehouse automation market will reach $ 30 billion by 2026, with a 14% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in 2020-2026. According to specialists, the dynamic development of this sector is related to, inter alia, the significant increase in the importance of the e-commerce and multi-channel distribution industry, the globalization of the supply chain network, robotization in logistics, the constantly growing need to deliver goods on the same day or the need to increase the efficiency of warehouse services.

WMS 4.0

According to data, fully automated warehouse systems can help to optimize logistics activities in a warehouse to 60% and reduce warehouse operating costs by up to 65%. It is therefore not surprising that more and more companies decide to carry out a digital revolution in the field of warehouse management by implementing innovations and the effective use of breakthrough technologies such as cloud-based WMS and artificial intelligence.

"In accordance with the concept of Industry 4.0, the idea of ​​the WMS 4.0 system assumes the wide use of innovative digital technologies that are designed to improve communication and exchange of information between all elements that make up the supply chain in the warehouse - employees, devices, products, systems, warehouse infrastructure and processes - and thus, maximize efficiency and minimize costs of business. Our innovative WMS PINQUARK system is a concrete response to the needs and expectations of the market. What do our customers gain from it? PINQUARK is not an ordinary system supporting warehouse management. It is an integrated IT solution that is constantly learning, is able to process a huge amount of data from various sources, perform advanced and quick analyzes and use their results to manage logistics processes. It works with external applications to support business partners and carriers or ERP systems. PINQUARK provides our customers with the holistic warehouse management solution. It helps to significantly shorten the implementation time of logistics processes, eliminate potential errors, reduce delays, constantly monitor the state of the warehouse and optimize the use of warehouse space. PINQUARK also allows to increase cost efficiency and improve the quality of customer service"
Mateusz Kalinowski, CEO of AiTech and CEO of Meritus Systemy Informatyczne
The investment in a WMS system, which can bring even several dozen percent increase in efficiency, is very promising. There are, however, some barriers. One of such obstacles that appears on the way to the technological development of warehouses is the fact that the implementation of a WMS system often involves a large financial investment and organizational challenges. So what distinguishes WMS PINQUARK from the competition? The system is available for sale in a subscription model at an affordable price. Clients receive access to the system immediately - without unnecessary formalities or time-consuming and costly implementations Its great advantage is not only an attractive method of financing and short implementation time, but also intuitive operation, scalability and flexibility.

Artificial intelligence in the warehouse

A strong trend in the development of modern WMS systems is the digitization of all key processes, the use of technologically advanced tools, such as sensors, and supporting human work with artificial intelligencealgorithms. Intelligent solutions offered by WMS PINQUARK are constantly updated and improved to increase the efficiency of key processes in the warehouse - such as: multipicking, handling returns and complaints, tracking batches of goods, simultaneous handling of B2B and B2C orders, management of goods placement and optimization of picking path. The implementation of the intelligent WMS PINQUARK system in warehouses is supported by the fact that it takes into account more variables than a human can do - thanks to it, the efficiency of warehouse processes may increase by up to several dozen percent.
In order to constantly develop and build a strong competitive advantage, entrepreneurs must be aware that a currently well-functioning warehouse requires the use of a technologically advanced WMS system, such as PINQUARK. Innovative IT solutions provide companies with new possibilities and unattainable so far flexibility in adapting to the requirements of a dynamically changing market. They help to increase the efficiency of warehouse processes, optimize the efficiency of the entire supply chain and reduce the costs of business.
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