WMS PINQUARK implementation in the main seat of the provider of transport and logistics services

Laude Smart Intermodal SA is a dynamically developing company offering transport and logistics services. Thanks to the implementation of the PINQUARK system the supplier has significantly shortened, among others, the implementation time of key logistics processes, reduced costs and completely eliminated printed documents at selected stages of the supply chain. The new WMS system has also led to the increase of the automation level in the modern Laude Logistics Center located in Poland.
Laude Smart Intermodal SA specializes in the comprehensive organization of transport of various groups of goods using intermodal transport and innovative Laude containers, as well as conventional road, rail, inland and sea transport. The company carries out intermodal transport thanks to its own resources – the terminal, containers, railway cars and semitrailers. It also has its own intermodal trains connecting Poland with Ukraine, Russia and Moldova. Laude Smart Intermodal SA provides reloading services at the Laude Logistics Center.
Before implementing WMS PINQUARK, we used a different system. However, along with the development of the company, we decided to implement an innovative and effective IT solution that would meet our new requirements and allow for the automation of key processes. The choice of the PINQUARK system was determined by a number of factors, in particular: the supplier's competence and experience in the logistics and transport industry, as well as the fact that PINQUARK does not age - it uses the latest technologies and is developed along with the changing needs of customers. The benefits that we derive from the implementation of the new WMS are the best proof that we have made the right decision
Laude Smart Intermodal S.A.

Laude and PINQUARK equal logistics at the highest level

The possibilities offered by PINQUARK's functionalities follow the development of Laude Smart Intermodal SA. logistics, transport, quality control, accounting and warehouse management - optimizing the business performance of the entire company.
The implementation of the new system in the Laude Logistics Center has brought many benefits. It has allowed for:
  • increasing the speed of goods realising by 32%;
  • shortening the time of goods realising by 17%;
  • increasing the efficiency of employees at the unloading / loading yard and in the warehouse by 35% thanks to the use of UBW sensors;
  • reducing the time spent by trucks at the unloading / loading yard from over an hour to 15 minutes;
  • eliminating documents printed on the unloading / loading yard for trucks and during the clearance of trucks;
  • automating the processes related to the entry of trucks to the unloading / loading yard - informing drivers about the possibility of entering the yard via SMS;
  • minimizing congestion and capacity problems on the unloading / loading yard;
  • automating warehouse processes, including the possibility of operating foreign codes or certificates from steel mills.
Collaboration with a client aware of their needs, such as Laude Smart Intermodal SA, brings us great satisfaction and is a valuable experience for both parties. Our business partnership has resulted in groundbreaking ideas and innovative solutions that have been permanently incorporated into the PINQUARK system. The effects of the implementation of our WMS, observed by Laude Smart Intermodal SA, show how our commitment to achieving the clients' business goals translates into their successes,
Mateusz Kalinowski, CEO of AiTech and Meritus Systemy Informatyczne
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